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BHH Cemetery (253 Geldard Road, Leeds, LS12 6DJ)
Charlotte Fligg passed on Wed, 18 March 2020 21:00 / 23 Adar 5780

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Dr. David Fligg
Nov 25, 2020
Mike’s lovely and heartfelt words about Mum say it all. She passed away four days prior to the Covid lockdown in March, and so what came after was tough on all of us, deprived of a fully-functioning Shiva, physically separated from nearest family. The stone-setting was held on 25th October, and that evening we held a Zoomed family and friends get-together in Mum’s honour, with dozens of attendees from far and wide, including Israel and the USA. As she would have wanted, it was a celebration. And what we thought would be a half-hour event stretched comfortably into late evening as anecdotes were shared of a wonderful life and an amazing Mum. I think we did her proud, though as Mike and I have noted, the one person who should have been co-ordinating this event, was no longer with us. “Don’t wear dark colours for my stone-setting,” I could hear her instruct us. So we sported jolly colours, ate cake and, though Mum was tea-total, drank a L’Chayim…or two. On her Matzevah it says: “Wise beyond measure, and an inspiration to all”. It’s true, and Mum’s wisdom and her unconditional love will forever be beacon.
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Mike Fligg
Nov 25, 2020
Mum was an inimitable character and a vibrant personality: sharp, perceptive and clever; determined and opinionated; a natural raconteuse , whose deep fund of anecdotes were spellbinding - and often hilarious; and, more than anything, a lady whose love and support for her family knew no bounds: she doted on Dad, her life-partner of almost seventy years, on her children and on her grandchildren. Since she was niftara in March, not a day goes by without my still wanting to talk to her and swap news. Fortunately, however, I feel that she's still very much around: if I put a coat on, say, before leaving the house, I can clearly hear her saying to me, "It's freezing outside: where are you going in that thin jacket?"
£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid
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