Memorial Page Application

Thank you so much for your interest in purchasing a Memorial Page on our LJOC (Leeds Jewish Orthodox Cemeteries) website. This exciting initiative will be a very important resource for the community and is a wonderful opportunity to honour the memory of a loved one.

Memorial Pages are £30 setup and then £30 per year *

Please enter your details and then continue to set up a direct debit so we can take an annual payment. (this is the ONLY payment option we offer)

*Current bereavements are entitled to a memorial page, which will be free for the first year.


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***** IMPORTANT MESSAGE – If you do not continue and set up a direct debit, all details you have entered will be lost – direct debit via this website is the ONLY method of payment we offer *****

Please click the button below to set activate and set up a direct debit so we can take an annual payment (this is the ONLY payment option we offer).


Memorial Pages:

This will arrange to take £30 immediately and then £30 per year thereafter.

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