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BHH Cemetery (253 Geldard Road, Leeds, LS12 6DJ)
Ben Fligg passed on Sun, 21 October 2018 00:00 / 13 Cheshvan 5779

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David Fligg
Nov 25, 2020
What can I add to the fabulous words that Mike has written? Everyone who knew Dad will agree that he was adorable. On his Matzevah, it says: “A friend to many, and a true gentleman”. In fact, his ability to make friends was legendary, and though he was, as Mike says, quiet and unassuming, people gravitated towards him and sought his counsel. He was my a role-model: dignified, yet gentle, and totally loveable, his attributes, in countless ways, informing how I aspire to live my life.
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Mike Fligg
Nov 25, 2020
Dad was a loveable man in every way: an incomparable dad to my brother and me in terms of his kindness, generosity, patience and advice; a loving, loyal and supportive husband to Mum for almost seventy years; a quiet, gentle but firm pillar of the Leeds Jewish community. Not easy to express how much we miss him; but we are sustained by the fact that his neshomoh lives on in olam haba , while his manifest good deeds remain here with us.
£30.00 plus £7.50 Gift Aid
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