BHH Cemetery (253 Geldard Road, Leeds, LS12 6DJ)
LEON DAVIDSON passed on Mon, 8 May 2023 00:00 / 17 Iyar 5783

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Mark Savva
May 25, 2023
Sadly missed. A lovely kind man.
Paul Gross
May 08, 2023
Wishing Angela and all the family Chaim Aruchim on the very sad passing away of dear Leon z'l. The entire community appreciates Leon's hard work and wonderful contribution to communal organisations
£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid
Ivan Green
May 08, 2023
Leon leaves a legacy of a wonderful family and so many good deeds
£50.00 plus £12.50 Gift Aid
Amanda and Martin Port
May 08, 2023
Leon MHDSRIP was a truly inspirational person who had incredible values, determination and a passion to support our community. As well as being President of BHH shul Leon gave his time day and night for over 8 years to make sure our Leeds Jewish Orthodox community had fresh kosher bread. Leon cherished his wonderful family. Both Mandy and I want to wish the family Angela Jessica Naomi Nathaniel David Cynthia and Etta long life.
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